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The necessary education and professional qualifications for teachers in the Republic of Latvia and their professional competence development procedures are established in the Regulations No.662 of 28 October 2014 by the Latvian Cabinet of Ministers. It is said that the teacher is responsible for the development of his professional competence, carried out within three years,  not less than 36 hours and it is planned in co-operation with the heads of educational institutions in which the teacher carries out his teaching activities. The teacher can develop his  professional skills studying A or B programme. The Regulations provide that B programmes are implemented only in higher educational institutions, while Education and Information Services of Riga City implement A programmes.

4 modules can be included in A programme: the module of teacher`s general competencies, the module of curriculum and didactics, the module of the educational process management and the module of teacher`s experience (participation in conferences, seminars, workshops, etc.).

The development of teachers' professional competence in Riga comprehensive schools is funded by local government (Riga City Council). The teachers employed by other local governments can also apply for courses, seminars, paying from personal or their local governments means.

All teachers' professional competence development programmes are coordinated as it is provided in normative acts.

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